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Eyelash Extension fullsets are taliored specifically to appeal to each clients own needs and wants. Fullsets offered at I.M.Beauty range from the basic boost of classic eyelash extensions, to the flexibilty of the hybrid set or on to the super-dramatic upgrade  Russian or Mega Volume.

Classic Eyelash Extensions



  • Classic Lashes, also known as Individual Eyelash Extensions are applied one-by-one to each one of your healthy natural lashes.  This type of extensions is meant to extend your lashes and gently enhance your natural beauty.

    A classic fullest is ideal for the client that is just looking for a very natural “Mascara” look. 




  • Hybrid Fullsets also known as Mixed or Combo Lashes are created by mixing both classic & volume lashes within a fullest. These fullsets are very versatile. Generally, there is a 50/50 mix of Classic : Volume, but all sets are customized for fullness and density to meet your needs. 

    Hybrids are the perfect choice for clients seeking “The Best of Both Worlds”. They are ideal for thoes that need more than the natural look classes offer but don’t require the drama that volumes fullsets come with.

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions



  • Russian volume lashes are applied to enhance your natural beauty, using lightweight ultra-fine eyelash extensions. We create handmade fans that are customized specifically for each one of your natural lashes.  You are able to achieve many different looks with volume lashes.  Clients also tend to see better retention because the bonds are stronger, since the fans are wrapped around their natural lashes during the application.

    Volume full sets are a great choice for all clients; sets can be customized for indiviuals that have very thin or extremley thick natural lashes.

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